Motorbikes on Arena 5.30pm & 7.30pm

Dog High Jump on Arena between the motorbike acts

Fireworks on Arena 8.30pm


Cattle Show: Edgar Ellis Pavilion, 9.00am

Alpaca Show: Edgar Ellis Pavilion, 9.00am

Sheep Show: Ken & Laurie Stewart Pavilion 9.00am

Highland Dancing: Near Gray St Gate, 1.00pm

Junior Showgirl: Industrial Pavilion 1.30pm

Pet Parade: Patting Pen 1.30pm  Download Info as pdf

Steam Engine Display Near Gray St Gate All Day

Throughout Both Days

Animals of Oz Display

Animal Nursery Download Info as pdf

Pavilion Exhibits


Fleece Exhibit: B.Kensington Pavilion

Eroni’s Circus: Near Gray St Gate

Horse Competition: On Arena