Office Bearers

President: E. Williamson

Vice Presidents: S.Lewis, B. Evans & F.Evans

Secretary: B.Tiffin

Treasurer: H.Glover

Members Of Council

Retire 2020 J Northey, G Hayes, N Magee, R Butler, B Kensington, P Ritchie, M Kensington.

Retire 2021 D Pearson, H Glover, B Evans, F Evans, S Lewis, M Boothby, D Webb, A Gibb, J Kiely, L Hodge, T McPhail,

M Howe, G Howe. 

Retire 2022 G Vonarx, R Marsh, M Marsh, K Martin, S Goldsworthy, J McIntyre, M Budden, J Kiely, S Cheshire, S Williamson,

E Williamson.

Life Members of the Association: Messrs. M Ussher, W.T Vincent, A. McDonald, P Gorman, R Steel, B Tiffin, R Butler, N Magee,

P Ritchie, B Kensington, M Boothby, D Webb, A Gibb, M Kensington, D Pearson, J Northey.

Ladies Committee

President: M. Budden

Vice President: P. Ritchie

Secretary: C. Bennett

Committee Mesdames: J Butcher, L Graham, G McMillan, W Macklan, C Ormond, J Mapley, J Crawford, L Redfern, C Massey-Chase, C Sargent, J Lister, C Bennett, R Shalders.


Honorary Solicitor: McSwiney, Green & Roman

Honorary Veterinary Surgeons: Warby St Veterinary Hospital

Ring Master: Jo Northey (Ph: 5729 7523)

Chief Arena Steward: Emma Williamson

Horse Superintendent Office Stewards: Don Webb

Horse Ring Stewards: Don Webb, Jo Northey, Shane Wilson, Graeme Hughes.

Chief Measuring Stewards: Merrick Ussher

Horse Parking Supervisors: Stan Goldsworth, Neal Magee

Arena Refreshment Steward: Merrick Ussher

Broadcasting Stewards: Jo Northey, Michael Boothby

Space Steward: Rob Butler

Steward in Charge of Gates: Harry Glover